Julia Wilkinson Art
Tranquil Views of Hope

All rights reserved Copyright Julia Wilkinson 2018.

Image: 'Paradise'.

Acrylic on chunky canvas.

76cmx1m22cm (2'6"x4')


Abstract paintings.


My current work includes both large and small paintings, presenting a fresh view of spiritual and psychological ideas, in an abstract way, to bring alive concepts to twenty-first century viewers.

The recent paintings are to some extent a blank expanse of coloured space, that is, a meditative space, possibly enabling people to have spiritual experiences.

Having looked at historical treatments of religious and psychological subjects, this is a new way of looking at these ideas.  I used acrylic or oils on chunky canvasses, unframed.

My work often includes large expanses of blank space in calming, peaceful colours, with a relaxing effect, sometimes with a one-sided semi-circle to one side.

The works are unique and quiet, with original designs, in a simple style, usually made from multiple layers of paint.



I am a Visual Artist, living in Hampshire, England, UK, working in art painting and photography.


I think I have a double or identical twin, Julie, who impersonates me and goes to places and events including ones that I go to; I think she behaves badly and as a lesbian and people think she's me, but I'm heterosexual.  I think she may have fake accounts on the Internet for me.  People bully me because of the situation, and this has spoiled my life. 

I think that politically she is far right.  My politics are moderate and I am very sympathetic to the Jews' problems and the problems of refugees and asylum seekers and the homeless. 

I think she may tell people she doesn't do my art, and people think she's me.  I create my own art and photography.  So she may have spoiled my art career too.

I think she tells people the idea she has a double or twin is performance art, or a joke, or she thinks it is mental illness.  But I am completely serious - I think she has partly stolen my life.

Loads of things have happened in my life to make me believe all this.  However, although this has caused severe problems, I also have positive things in my life, like art, Christianity and a nice home.