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Tranquil Views of Hope

About me

I have been working as a visual artist for about twelve years, and have had five solo exhibitions.  Previously I worked as an assistant landscape architect, in publishing and in horticultural administration as well as in other employment.

I graduated in Geography combined with Biology from the University of Sussex, and later studied Landscape Design at the University of Sheffield.

I am a Christian, I am single and my interests include reading and walking.

Twitter:    Ju_liaWilkinson

Instagram:  juliawilkinsonart

Facebook:   julia.wilkinson.1044

Possible Forthcoming Exhibition

'Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century.'  Westbury Manor Museum, Fareham, Hampshire. 

Dates: To be arranged.

Solo Exhibitions

October 2014.  'A Bee's View (British Orchids)'. Stubbington Library, Stubbington, Hampshire.

January 2013.  'Meanders in the New Forest'.  Stubbington Library, Stubbington, Hampshire.

Sept-Oct 2011. 'Ducks and Dolphins - Going the Way of the Dodo?'  Le Café Parisien, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

May-June 2011.  'Meanders in the New Forest'.  Fareham Library, Fareham, Hampshire.

June-July 2010.  'Abundant Life' and 'Missing Presumed Extinct' Series.  Ashcroft Arts Centre, Osborn Road, Fareham, Hampshire.

Group Exhibitions

2006.  Group exhibition at Fareham College.

1998.  Group exhibition of landscape architecture plans and drawings at the University of Sheffield Landscape Department.


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