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Tranquil Views of Hope




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 i n f o @ j u l i a w i l k i n s o n . n e t

Above: 'Truth'.

Acrylic on canvas.

25x25cm (10x10").

£200 plus postage and packaging.

All rights reserved Copyright Julia Wilkinson 2019.

Contact Details

I have been having problems with contact details associated with my website, including the phone number and email address.  The associated phone number and email address to my website, over the past five years, may have been old contact details, from a previous address, where I believe enemies live, and I believe the address is closely connected to my twin or double, who I have had evidence, looks and speaks just like me, and impersonates me - I believe people think she is me.

I create the art and photography displayed on my website, I am the website creator (through BT) and I am the art business owner.